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Being somewhat of a perfectionist, it doesn't always feel comfortable to place online unpolished notes and old texts. I'd love to dedicate more time to cleaning up some papers, and not everything I wrote a long time ago exactly represents my current views. But I am more into sharing than into publishing, and I believe in the online medium as a way to also get to know people, not just avoid meeting them, so here they are, for whomever may find them of interest. I'll be especially grateful to those of you who will be gentle enough to provide some inspiring feedback.

This private space contains the items listed below, as well as files which can be accessed only by knowing the exact address. Kindly do not link to items which are not listed on this page. Thank you.


P.S.: these files are mostly from the 1990s!


In English

The GIF Controversy: A Software Developer's Perspective
Article on the GIF/LZW patent issue

LCD Display Discomfort
Unexpected findings about LCD displays

Thoughts on Unsolicited Email Advertising
Trying to do something about spam since 1998

Of Millennium Bugs and Millennium Myths
Just couldn't resist writing on the issue

Proposal for Setting Canonical Host via Robots.txt
I'd like to know what you think about this

Optimal Conversion of DSC-F1 PMP to JPEG
Another request for comments...

Recordatio - Freilassing, April 16-25, 1945
A human exploration into the April 25, 1945 bombings of Freilassing, Germany, and the events of the previous week.

What's in a mike.pub?
A (new) game of names and cards

In Italian

Riflessioni sul futuro
Ipisa 1995 conference paper (also published on Computer Gazette)

Riflessioni sul futuro II
Ipisa 1996 conference paper

Oggetti d'affezione
The original high school project co-written with my friend Giovanni (topics included art and technological reproducibility)

Il ju jitsu e la spada (PDF)
Short paper on ju jutsu and the art of the sword

Temporarily Offline

La ragazza delle fragole
A selection from the original set of 12 short stories

Food for Thought
Trying to understand and explain why I am vegetarian

Software e magia
Ipisa 1997 conference paper

URL: https://cloanto.com/users/mcb/
: https://purl.org/mcb/files

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