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Products and Services

Our software tools and solutions cover these areas:

(When our engineers are not busy crafting fine software, they design... softwear.)

Currency Solutions

Cloanto's currency solutions range from sophisticated server clusters, to e-commerce systems, to client-server and client-only solutions and everything in between. This family of products and services is featured at

Currency Server

Exchange rate information and currency conversion services for COM/ActiveX, .NET/SOAP Web service, and Ajax-style scripting clients. Downloads rates from multiple sources and caches data locally for maximum performance, reliability and independence. Supports all currencies and locales of the world, including past and future euro currencies. Deployed by Global 500 companies, government agencies, and in e-commerce and B2B sites worldwide.

Euro Calculator

Four packages in one: standard calculator with multiple skins, currency converter with spreadsheet interface, internet agent that collects exchange rates, and an exciting promotional medium! It complies with the precision and triangulation specifications set by the Council of the EU. Custom licenses and support for design agencies, banks, websites and other redistribution partners, as well as for corporate deployment.

Custom Calculators

Cloanto will work with you to create a fully customized calculator and/or currency conversion client, featuring the desired functionality and design. You can deploy the software on your intranet or offer it for public download, and use Currency Server to centrally manage the exchange rates you provide, as well as additional information which may be fed together with the exchange rate data (e.g. calculators offered for free download may display an information message, or a graphical banner).

Marketing and Publishing

These are the tools we created to better support our own software products. Spontaneous demand led to the development and release of successful stand-alone packages which are now used by thousands of other software and content publishers.


MenuBox combines full-fledged web browser functionality with an extended document object model and event intercepts to achieve special functionality for contexts such as AutoRun projects, wrapping of web-based services, chromeless applications and kiosk mode operation. Branded by our clients, MenuBox is widely used on AutoRun media by well-known software publishers and in corporate, government and education environments alike.

Software Director

Software Director is an advanced content management and delivery system specializing in software and related events (e.g. news, download, try, buy, upgrade, up-sell, cross-sell, etc.) This redistributable component was designed with a priority on simplicity, privacy, security and support for multiple independent publishers. Already deployed and tested by Cloanto in its entire product line, it is being launched as an independent product.

Legacy Extender

Legacy Extender for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 allows developers to retain compatibility with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT 4.0 in C/C++ projects (with or without MFC) built with newer versions of Visual Studio. Released as an independent product after having been deployed and tested by Cloanto in its entire product line.

Text Solutions

Cloanto's text input solutions help solve cultural and keyboard real estate challenges while immediately and intuitively feeling like a better way of writing. More information at

Retrocomputing and Classic Gaming

These are the dreams of our youth and a sign of our passion for excellence and commitment to long-term support. As a developer since the 1980s, Cloanto has had a constructive relationship with all Commodore/Amiga companies. Since 2019 we have been supporting the efforts of Amiga Corporation to consolidate the Amiga IP as well as the copyrights for all Commodore/Amiga works (software, ROMs, manuals, videos, etc.) that had previously been assigned to Cloanto.

RetroPlatform Infrastructure and Player

Building on more than 10 years of experience with Amiga Forever (version 1.0 was released in 1997), the Amiga Forever team started in 2007 to lay down the foundation for a modular and platform-neutral "RetroPlatform" architecture. RetroPlatform includes a skinnable player that can use multiple emulation engines, and the infrastructure to catalog, sell, buy, download, play and organize thousands of games, including both free and commercial titles, and non-game content. Products based on this technology include Amiga Forever and C64 Forever.

Amiga Forever

Amiga Forever is the official Amiga preservation, emulation and support package which allows Amiga software to run on non-Amiga hardware legally and without complex configuration. All versions of Amiga Forever include everything you need to run different "Classic" Amiga emulation and OS environments in simple one-click steps. This makes it possible to run thousands of Amiga games and demoscene productions which are available for free download from software publishers and Amiga history sites alike.

Amiga Explorer

Connect an Amiga with one or more PCs, and access Amiga resources (including virtual floppy, hard disk and ROM image files) from the Windows Desktop. Now with a revolutionary self-install technology that requires no additional Amiga software (PC file system, terminal software, etc.) Supports serial and TCP/IP connections. Available in a stand-alone package or as part of Amiga Forever.

C64 Forever

C64 Forever employs the same RetroPlatform infrastructure and player used by Amiga Forever, revealing a powerful end-to-end content management ecosystem already supporting more than 20,000 games.

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