This column provides links to screenshots of Kickstart-specific functions (when available). If the column reads "Picture", only a single screenshot is available. Similarly, "Pictures" indicates that multiple screenshots have been taken of that specific ROM image. If the column reads "N/A", it means that a screenshot is not possible (in the case of the Amiga 3000 Bonus code, for instance). If the column is blank, it indicates that either no Kickstart ROM sample is available for study or that a screenshot is currently not possible (due to limitations in the WinUAE emulator used to capture the Kickstart screen images).

The column is color-coded to indicate the source of the screenshot as follows:

Green: The screenshot(s) presented were taken by directly running the ROM image inside the WinUAE Amiga emulator, configured in such a way to show all possible Kickstart ROM functions. The screenshots are unmodified with the exception of a) the addition of a thin black border surrounding the image to make the edges more visible on a white background, b) removal of image artifacting in the Kickstart 1.1 (NTSC) ROM image as a result of a possible bug in WinUAE emulation, and c) conversion from native Windows bitmap format to the industry-standard lossy JPEG compression format (to save space).

Yellow: The screenshot(s) presented were duplicated from functionally identical ROMs of the same major/minor version, due to limitations of the WinUAE emulator executing the actual ROM image because of a lack of Amiga 3000-specific support or encryption issues. In some cases, if the visual image is identical to that of another release, the image may be substituted to save storage space.

Red: The screenshot(s) presented were created by modifying a slightly different Kickstart ROM image (same major version, but different minor) to produce identical visual results to what the original Kickstart ROM image would have displayed. This is occasionally necessary in the case of Amiga 3000 Kickstart ROM images for which suitable emulation does not currently exist. If the Kickstart ROM image differs too greatly from any other ROM to be suitably modified to produce identical visual results, no screenshot is offered.