The type column indicates the general organization of the data inside the Kickstart ROM image, as follows:

EPROM: This is the most common type of Kickstart ROM "dump". Bytes are presented in sequential order with no encryption. If you properly combine a multi-chip physical EPROM dump of Kickstart ROMs (or dump a single-chip ROM) or use any software Kickstart dumping tool, this is the type of image that will be produced. Without taking machine-specific support or load addresses into consideration, this type of image is suitable for use in Amiga emulators and to be burned to EPROMs if desired for use in a real Amiga (although the image may need to be appropriately split between high- and low-order bytes (odd/even), depending on the machine and EPROM burner).

Bonus: Unique to the Amiga 3000, so-called "bonus" code provided support for Amiga 3000 motherboard fast RAM and the 3000's SCSI controller (aka scsi.device, also present in the A2091 boot ROMs among others, including the A600/A1200/A4000 misnamed "scsi.device" which actually provided somewhat backwards-compatible support for the IDE controllers in those machines). This code was generally appended to the end of the Kickstart ROM image on SuperKickstart disks intended for use with the 3000. All Commodore-supplied SuperKickstart disks contained both Kickstart 1.3 (34.005) and the "intended" Kickstart 2.x release, although this is not strictly required when making your own SuperKickstart disks with a tool like MakeSuperDisk. The bonus code for 256KB Kickstarts is larger because it also included an emulation layer for the A2630 CPU accelerator card to provide 68030 compatibility with Kickstart 1.3. In essence, an Amiga 3000 running SuperKickstart 1.3 is equivalent to an Amiga 2000 with an A2091 SCSI controller and an A2630 CPU accelerator with RAM.

ReKick: ReKick is a soft-kick tool by Thomas Kessler (limited to fast RAM located at $200000) used to load developer Kickstart ROM images. (There was another tool by this name by Commodore for use by developers.) ReKick format information is included in the FAQ section.

ReCode: A decrypted ReKick image, decoded with the ReCode tool by Thomas Kessler (part of the ReKick package).