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Corporate Profile

Cloanto specializes in software components and managed services with a focus on currency solutions, electronic publishing, software lifecycle management and preservation. Cloanto's clients and partners can count on total commitment to superior standards of innovation, usability, quality and service, tapping into the experience gathered through a user base of millions and a core team which has been designing and publishing software for several decades.

Cloanto: The Name

Long before it became commonplace to use machines as an aid in researching possible company and product names, "CLOANTO" appeared on top of a list of several thousand names generated by an 8-bit computer. The system had been programmed with consideration to issues such as originality and ease of pronunciation in different languages. It did not know, however, that "Cloanto" also was a rarely-used transliteration of the name of a friendly hero which first appeared in Greek mythology more than 4000 years earlier. We are not sure if that's the way the Hellenic gods intended it to be, but our official pronunciation is clo-'an-to.

Cloanto: The Logo

If you need to use the Cloanto logo in an editorial context please feel free to use the following, unmodified files. Any other use requires written permission and is subject to trademark, competition and other applicable laws. Additional information can be found here.

A high resolution monochrome version of the Cloanto logo is available for publication in two formats:

The logo is also available in different bitmap formats antialiased for use on a white background or as an alpha channel:

350x53 pixels, 8 levels of gray

300x45 pixels, 16 levels of gray

185x28 pixels, 32 levels of gray

150x23 pixels, 64 levels of gray

100x15 pixels, 64 levels of gray

42x6 pixels, 16 levels of gray

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