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Currency System
Cloanto unveils a new website dedicated to its family of currency solutions, which range from sophisticated server clusters, to e-commerce systems, to client-server and client-only applications and everything in between. Now with new gadgets, widgets and Web 2.0 features.

Currency Server
Exchange rate information and currency conversion services for COM/ActiveX, .NET/SOAP Web service, and Ajax-style scripting clients. Downloads rates from multiple sources and caches data locally for maximum performance, reliability and independence. Supports all currencies and locales of the world, including past and future euro currencies. Deployed by Global 500 companies, government agencies, and in e-commerce and B2B sites worldwide.

Text Solutions
Cloanto's text input solutions help solve cultural and keyboard real estate challenges while immediately and intuitively feeling like a better way of writing.

Do you remember the Amiga computer? And the C64? Our official solutions, combined with innovations like RP9, let partners and users explore new horizons in the preservation and retrogaming landscape. We are committed to quality and continuity across desktop, mobile, educational and entertainment devices.

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