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"Deployable" RP9s



Q: Is it possible to create an RP9 package containing one or more embedded disk images that are automatically deployed as "external" disks on first run?



A: Yes. Amiga Forever 7 introduced a new "deployable" media type, aiming to combine the portability benefits of disks embedded in the RP9 packages with the superior performance of external images. This feature is recommended for titles that contain large disk images (e.g. hardfiles, or CD images), which need to be moved or shared as one RP9 file.

To mark a disk as "deployable", select Edit in the Media tab and set Location to Deploy. If the disk was already embedded in the RP9 package, it will remain embedded. If the disk was external, it will become embedded (the original file will be compressed into the RP9 package, and then removed from the original location).

When the title is then played back, all disk images marked as "deployable" are extracted to the default locations (e.g. Shared/hdf, Shared/cd, etc. inside Amiga Files), and then removed from the RP9 package. This happens at the end of the emulation session, with an option to either commit or cancel the deployment.

Compatibility with previous versions of Amiga Forever (e.g. the 2016 version) is retained: when new RP9s are run with older players, "deployable" disks are treated as embedded disks, i.e. with the full portability benefits, but with a slight delay on startup and shutdown if large disk images need to be extracted and recompressed, as the "deploy" attribute is ignored.

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