Cloanto UUID/GUID Generator (Public Version)

This free service by Cloanto generates Version 1 UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) as per ISO/IEC-11578, RFC-mealling-uuid-urn-05.txt and Microsoft's GUID implementation.

Unique by Design

The service was built to produce unique UUIDs by design, rather than by relying on randomness.

The following are some of the mechanisms that are employed:


In order to maintain a reasonable level of performance, the service generates a maximum of 5000 UUIDs per request.

Usual disclaimers apply. In particular, while we have made every effort to ensure that there is no duplication of issued UUIDs, we cannot guarantee that duplicate UUIDs have not been issued.

Notice for Cloanto users: please use the intranet form, not this one (the 00-50-C2-49-00-48 range has been reserved for public use, not for internal use).

Feel free to contact us with any questions and feedback you may have.


Request UUIDs

Enter the quantity of UUIDs to generate (up to 5000):