Below is a list of unanswered questions regarding Kickstart ROMs (in no particular order). If you have any information on these, please let us know!

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Question: Was Kickstart 1.2 (33.166) ever released to the public?

Question: Has the DeciGEL patch (used when updating early 68000 systems to 68010) ever been included in Commodore ROMs (including developer or beta versions)?

Question: How many released developer versions of the CDTV Extended ROMs (2.04+ compatible) were there? (I have reason to believe there were at least 3.)

Question: What was the internal release number (build number) for Kickstart 1.0? (It is not encoded in the ROM.)

Question: A3000 owners were given "Update 2.0x" floppies to update the SuperKickstart images on their hard drives. "Real" SuperKickstart floppy disks (KICKSUP) are also known to exist - who were they provided to, and what was their function?

Question: What sort of driver support did the CDTV Extended ROM offer for the CD-ROM mechanism, and what sort of interface did it use? (If proprietary, any implementation details would be helpful.)

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