This tool, included with the MKick package, provides a wealth of detailed technical information about a specific Kickstart ROM image, including the following:

If no details exist in this column, that indicates that no sample is currently available for study, although the ROM is believed to exist. Here is the documentation for KickInfo 1.2 (presented verbatim):

Kickstart Image Analyser 1.2

                        (c) 1995 MJSoft System Software

                                 Martin Mares



   KickInfo analyses a Kickstart image file and displays a lot of information
about its structure, which is very useful for debugging of kickers. Format of
this output is not described here, because all people knowing Kickstart
structure should understand it and it has no use for the others.

   See README for copyright and other information.

   There is one important thing KickInfo prints out that may be interesting to
you: if the Kickstart is one of known ones, its base name is displayed (if you
append '.kick', you get a name of corresponding Kickstart header file) after
the 'Kickstart ID:' message.


   KickInfo can be started only from CLI and has only one argument containing
name of the kickstart image file you want to analyse.