The class column is intended to indicate the general intended audience for a specific Kickstart ROM. If a given class is followed by a question mark (?), this signifies a lack of certainty about the origin or intended audience. The following classes are documented:

Release: This ROM was intended for GA (general availability), being distributed directly to consumer end-users either by being bunded inside the computer or available separately for direct sale and installation by the end-user or an authorized Commodore repair center.

Beta: This ROM was not intended for public consumption, due to being either incomplete or buggy (or both). Several beta releases were generally used for testing by larger development partners and in-house testing at Commodore. Beta releases were sometimes also widely distributed to developers.

Developer: This ROM image is almost invariably a beta version that loads at an alternate address from a physical ROM. These were "soft-kicked" by developers and testers to override the built-in Kickstart ROM for running later releases of the operating system.